A Sad Tale of Bitter Revenge

A woman is escorted to the stand by the General of the Kings men (A long whiskered man by the name of General Humptius Dumptius Jnr). The woman is the same height as her brothers and has the same wrinkeled chin complete with hairs! The only thing giving her away as a woman is the awful makeup smeared across her face)

Wicked E Witch: Good god! I haven't seen a face like that since my cousin Wickeder Witch! I mean--Ahem! State your name for the court!

Simblesimpkin: Unlike these poor excuses for siblings! I your honour can speak my own name! In english! (Casts an evil eye at Collywobblekin) Simblesimpkin!

WIcked E Witch: Okay narrater, take it away!

Narrator: You know Judge, I think your beginning to enjoy my little rhymes!

Wicked E Witch: Lets not get hysterical here!

Narrator: (Puffs chest out in pride) AHEM! HEAR YE! HEAR YE!

(Hushed Silence)

Alas Simblesimpkin was given away to a wicked old witch that lived far away, her name isn't known you can search for yourself, dig through the history or libary bookshelfs.

The wicked old witch legend is known far and wide and she lives in a hiking boot that she maintains with pride. She had so many Kids she didn't know what to do, so she made them sign up for Avon and sell cheap shampoo.

So Simble grew up with her adoptive brothers and sisters, they walked all around with feet covered in blisters, her life has been plain awful and  its plain to see, so she had no choice but to pack up and flee!

Wicked E WItch: Oh dear! Seems to be alot of nastiness with case, alright everybody stop the tears, bailiff hand out some tissues will you? Oh will somebody tell the Ogre to stop crying, take him outside or something he's flooding the room!

(The bailiff walks round the room handing out tissues, he gives one to Collywobblekin who gives an all mighty sob and snots all over the bailiff who growls and bares his teeth)

Wicked E Witch: Simlesimpkin is this account true?

Simblesimpkin: Yes your honour! I had to leave a life of poverty and make my own way in the world whilst those cretins who call themselves my brothers lived the comfy life!

Rumplestiltskin: Hey!

Stumblebumpkin: Oi!

Collywobblekin: fuzzledewuzzlede!

Simblesimpkin: Yes you heard me you berks! Narrator read about what happened t me after I left the old witches shoe!

Narrator: Simble fled into  woods where she built a house, she lived there for years with her  friend the wood louse. But the louse was quite cruel and selfish to boot and Simble was made to dig in the forest for loot. She toiled all day and most of the night and prayed and prayed to escape from her plight.


Narrator: So she simmered and brewed she thought late at night, she filled up with venom and evil and spite. The witch had once told her of a family she had, they had given her away and apparently were glad, that she wasn't around to cause them some trouble, well she had news for them, she was going to cause double!


Bailiff: Growl!

Wicked E Witch: Whats this? Motive! I thought you were one of the few victims here, obviously I was wrong (Which I rarely am!) Narrator, elaborate if you will!

Narrator: Now the woodlouse was called Tim he was a wicked old bug, but Simble could take no more she wrapped him up in a rug, she left him in the woods and dusted her hands, she now had the time for her evil new plans.

She would frame all of her brothers but don't ask me how, its time for her testamony, so 'fess up Simble and I mean NOW! 

The End

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