Selyra - The Past

It is said that humans and sea people were once brothers – that we share common ancestry.

The legend tells that thousands of years ago the sea-man, Mavod, washed up onto the shore and took his first breath of air. He convinced his friends to come with him onto the land. They explored the earth and the plants and the strange furry animals, never straying far from the ocean’s banks. But one day a large land animal with sharp teeth and  evil eyes came upon them. The people ran to the sea, but their legs were wobbly on land and the animal had the advantage. Mavod and a few others ran in the opposite direction, deeper into the jungles of the earth, leaving the sea far behind them. The animal devoured many people who fell behind in the race to the water, leaving a bloody trail across the land. Their blood dripped into the ocean and stained the dry earth, and their remains turned to dust. Mavod was deemed a traitor for leaving his people to die, and he and his descendants were never allowed to breathe the ocean again.

That is why the ocean is angry with humans: they have descended from traitors. Her storms admonish the humans that are foolish enough to arrogantly ride their crafts over her surface. Every so often, these storms even challenge the land itself, with terrible winds and floods that cause much destruction. 

Humans and merpeople have been enemies ever since the beginning. We are taught that humans are selfish, reckless and gluttonous monsters that approve of stealing and lying and killing. How can we prove otherwise when we find so many pirate ships loaded with stolen treasures that humans find so valuable? Their machines pollute the air they need to live, and their spills pollute our world. 

The anger of the Sea People has been growing - gradually, of course, for we are not quick to judge like a human. It pulses through the currents with increasing intensity, like the beating of a human drum. In the past few decades, as pollution grew worse and the currents began to shift, the energy of the People been changed too. Our peaceful way of life and calm tempers have given way to bitterness and vengeance. Our elders feel that a war is coming. Our young mermen say that the humans deserve justice, and they have eagerly begun training for battle.

But our people are not as strong as they once were. Our elders grow old and we are not producing as many young as we should. Our technologies, which centuries ago were far more advanced than the dirty machines on land, are becoming obsolete.

Meanwhile, the humans are thriving, growing older and stronger at a pace that has not been seen before. If only they had the wisdom to sustain this sudden growth, to respect the land they live on and the air they breathe. Instead they take over the land like a flood, destroying everything in their path and leaving nothing for the future. 

For a flood will recede when it runs out of water. The Sun must come out and dry it all up and balance will be restored. 

The End

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