The People of the Sea

The ocean is a mysterious and beautiful place. It covers most of our planet, but no one has ventured deep enough to find the hidden treasures that populate its dark waters: a people, not unlike the humans on the surface. The people of the sea. Todd is rescued by a mermaid, Selyra, when an oil rig explodes. Together, they must save the sea people and decide their destiny.

They say that, to a human, the ocean floor is a very dark and cold place of unbearable pressure because of the weight of all the water above. That is what the earth tales say, anyway. But if you look beneath the surface - way, way down under the blackness, there is another world - our world - full of colour and magic.

We are told that humans suck air into their noses and then expel it back out. They do this their whole lives, never stopping. Sometimes we come to the surface to gulp air and blow bubbles, pretending we are humans. It was always my favourite game when I was young. Our people do not need to breathe like humans. Water flows freely through most of our skin. If we were to come to the surface, we would dry out and die in a couple minutes. Most of the stories we have about humans came from our ancestor Ariel, who chose to become a human and live on the land. Her story is a favourite among our children. 

Things have been changing here. Our elders have noticed shifts in the seasons and in the warmth of the water. They blame the humans for creating imbalance on the surface. There is certainly more garbage down here than there used to be. Even the hungry floor of the ocean cannot swallow up all the waste that the humans dump. The ocean is hurting, and our people are angry. How do the humans create so much waste? Why must they always use that destructive hot, dry fire, which contaminates the air they need? And what gives them the right to take over every land and sea that they touch? 

The End

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