Chapter 4Mature

Dawn was jolted out of her shock by the incredibly odd feeling of her head moving of its own volition, quickly coming back to herself Dawn realised the creature her mind was joined to was looking around. it was strange that only the head seemed able to move, as if it's body was tied down prone to a cold, rough object.

Seeing through its eyes as it raised it's head as much as it could to look down towards the other, male creature dawn was able to observe numbly that the body she was inhabiting seemed to be female, young and completely naked. Quite shocked at this she was surprised somewhat that it looked, bodily at least, to have a very similar body to her own other than the alien colouring of its blue skin.

Then as her host looked towards the male stood above her Dawn noticed she seemed to be in some sort of circle of massive rough-hewn stones standing on end, they were of a kind of stone dawn had never before seen, they were jet black and seemed to almost absorb the light hitting them from the blue sun and had wandering iridescent purple veins that seemed to pulse and throb languidly. There also, from what little dawn could see, were other slightly smaller males creatures standing before each of the stones with their heads tilted back and arms limp by their sides.

Suddenly a harsh, deep sound interrupted her thoughts as she realised the main male, a priest of some sort was her guess, started to slowly speak a steady stream of nonsensical, to dawn at least, words to the gathering. Dawn would of liked to have seen what the priest was doing but her host had turned her eyes to stare into the sky above her at the pale blue sun slowly sliding into place directly above her casting its sickly washed light over the stone circle below.

The sound of the priest voice, which had started slowly and deeply was becoming quicker and higher pitched, it seemed to be some sort of ritual chant and Dawn started to feel her curiosity push her mind to wonder what was happening and why, was this something to do with her mental presence here or was she just an observer to this event, or could it even be a memory she had been injected into by the malevolent presence in the pendant for some unknown malign reason.

A dry, cool wind started to blow through the circle of stones causing her hosts body to shiver slightly as it caressed her naked skin making Dawn become aware of the growing sensations she was feeling from the mind and body she was joined to. She could feel her skin tingling from the cold and the blood thundering through her veins as her hosts emotions started to be transmitted to her, there was fear there but it was overwhelmed by a feeling of elation and triumph, the cause of which Dawn was ignorant of.

As the chanting of the priest continued rising in pitch and volume clouds started to gather blocking out the sky almost completely except for a small opening through which the pale sun continued to cast its sickly glow over the ritual below.

The priest was screeching now, one phrase over and over, echoed by the surrounding males who had at some point started stamping their feet in unison following the rhythm of the chant. As Dawn felt the crazed proceedings start to reach some sort of crescendo she started to feel an uncomfortable heat from the body she was imprisoned inside, it started in the pit of her stomach and started pulsing as it moved inexorably upwards.

As Dawn was becoming more and more fearful and anxious as to what was happening she started to feel her own thoughts and emotions become swamped by the alien sensations from her host, elation, pleasure, anticipation all mingling together in a swirl of feeling Dawn felt like a leaf trapped in a hurricane with no escape.

Trying with all her concentration to somehow break out of this prison Dawn felt the young female lift her head to gaze at the priest who had moved to stand directly over her to one side, still chanting madly and gazing manically down at her. For a moment Dawn felt a sharp spike of fear through her mind as it seemed he was looking through her host to gaze with his glinting blue eyes straight at her inside the body that was now writhing in pleasure at its bonds.

As the he paused while the surrounding creature echoed his last chanted line he grinned malevolently and slowly slid a gleaming knife from a sheathe at his side, the knife was made from the same material as the stone the surrounded them, its purple veins throbbing intensly in time with the chants echoing maddeningly all around them.

Starting to chant once more he straddled the restrained body of her host still gazing intently into her eyes. Swiftly he reached down with the knife and cut the ropes binding her hosts wrists to the rock below her. Dawn's mind was whirling with confusion and fear as she tried to think of someway to escape, even though she had no idea if she was in danger or not and even though the feelings from her host made it harder and harder to remember she even wanted to get away.

The chanting now was so loud and fevered it seemed to merge into one long howl of alien, ecstatic noise, feeling like she could not bear it any longer Dawn watched with horror as the priest lowered the point of his dagger to rest in between her hosts breasts directly above where the intense heat had come to a stop.

Suddenly there was a moment of silence as the chanting and the wind stopped howling around her, silence so intense and complete that it was suffocating pierced only by the thundering of her hosts heart and the shockingly calm feeling of peace and bliss from within. A split second before it happened Dawn knew with shocking certainty what was about to happen, the body she was shackled to thrust itself upwards with a wordless cry of ecstasy.

Time seemed to slow to a crawl as Dawn felt every inch of the strange dagger slicing through the flesh of her hosts chest, the pain was beyond any over sensation she had ever experienced in her short life. Just as the it reached its peak and she felt a yawning abyss begin to welcome her into unconsciousness there was a curious, terrifying feeling of something immense and filled with and endless hunger latching onto her mind and crawling, like ivy on an old stone house, to enclose and suffocate her every thought.

Her mind almost numb now from the entire experience Dawn felt a sensation of rapid movement as twisting, cavorting shapes of energy almost beyond her perception appeared in her vision as something dragged her mind with it across this strange new vista until with a shudder everything went blissfully dark.

The End

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