Chapter 3Mature

Dawn was captivated by it, even though a small part of her mind was scared by the fact this strange thing was able to affect her in such a way, she could not stop herself from examining it minutely.

Her eager eyes took in every detail in the misshapen head that was the pendant. It was a bizarre cross between a human and some unknown creature. Its 3 eyes that were too large and protruding for the rest of the face, the tiny slit that Dawn guessed was supposed to be a nose and the wide thin lipped mouth that seemed to be changing between smirking and sneering, gave it a rather unsettling appearance.

She noticed that the gloom in the shed seemed to be deepening even though it was not even noon yet. There seemed to be a strange quality growing in the air, like the air was becoming almost liquid, she could feel it on her skin rippling and caressing her. Shivering from a mixture of fear and pleasure, she knew that somehow the pendant was affecting her but she seemed to have lost control of her reactions, like a deeper, darker, less rational part of her mind had been coaxed forward to take control.

Trembling from the intensity of these strange feelings assaulting her, she started to caress the pendant, felling its strange texture, rough, crude yet still oddly pleasurable to touch. She had no idea what material it was made form, to look at it seemed to be some kind of rough plain stone, but its weight and texture contradicted that.

Perhaps one of the strangest things about it was the odd colouring, it was divided vertically down the middle of the face, one side was a pale blue colour, the other was almost flesh like. What was strange about this was that as far as she could tell it was not paint of any kind, the colour seemed to be naturally part of the material of the pendant.

Staring at pendant and contemplating its strangeness, She started to get split second glimpses of strange images she was sure would disturb or frighten her if she saw them for longer. They seemed to be of strange people performing strange rites, unclothed and painted to have the same colouring as the pendant in her hands. While these people were human they seemed not quite right, their features had a rough, almost animalistic, alien cast to them.

Shaking from the mixed fear and fascination rising ever upwards in her Dawn began to get an urge to place the pendant around her neck. With the rational part of her mind feeling terror at the thought of what other strange things might happen if she did, the other, now more dominant, part of her psyche lifted the pendant and tied it around her neck trembling from the anticipation.

As soon as she finished tieing it around her neck Dawn felt a surge of triumph echo in her mind as she felt something grasp her consciousness and pull her out of her body with blinding speed.

Terrified as her mind whirled with confusion, fear but also a secret excitement and intense curiosity for what was happening to her all she could see around her was a whirl of odd colours and lights.

After what seemed to be but a few minutes the sensation of bodiless movement disappeared along with her vision, a few seconds later Dawn felt a jolt as she was able to see once more, but there was something strange about it, it felt like she was not in control of her her movement or body.

Not able to do anything, not even turn her head to look around her, she felt herself losing herself in fear and panic. After a second she mentally shook her head and reprimanded herself for acting like a spoilt little girl rather than the 14 year old she really was.

Now slightly calmer Dawn took in what little she could see. There was surprisingly little to see, just an expanse of red'ish, dusty looking ground below a dark blue, almost purple sky. Hanging low in the sky was a large sun, it seemed to be strangely dull when compared to what Dawn was used to, it was also almost blue for some unknown reason.

Suddenly her view was obscured as something moved in front of her, it was a creature she recognised from the visions she had had previously, one of the animalistic human type creatures she had seen glimpses of preforming strange rituals. This one looked to be an older male with piercing blue eyes deeply set in his face under a heavy brow. He wore nothing other than the skin of some animal around his shoulders and a headdress decorated with bones that were covered with intricate markings. His whole body seemed to be painted on one side to match the colouring of the pendant she had found.

She realised suddenly that during her fascinated inspection of him that it had started talking in a language totally alien to her but that echoed familiarly with the presence in her mind she had come to associate with the pendant.

With a start she felt a distant sensation almost like she was speaking back to it in that same disturbing language, feeling new stirrings of panic Dawn realised she was in the body of what she assumed was another one of the beings.

The End

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