Chapter 2Mature

"Ugh" she groaned as the bright sunlight from her open window pulled her from her sleep. It had not been the best night's sleep, thoughts of the strange pendant she had found the day before continually intruded on her thoughts making it difficult to get to sleep. Frowning she struggled to recall the dream she is certain she had while asleep but all she could remember were some strange almost alien feelings and vague images similar to that of the pendant.

Shaking her head she tried to push of the uneasiness and tiredness as got up to start her morning routine. Shuffling into the hallway she made her way to the bathroom. After she had finished she went back to her bedroom to get dressed.

Looking around the small room she wondered what it would be like to have all the nice things her step-mother lavished on Jenny her little half-sister instead of the old slightly tatty stuff she was left with. packed into the small room with its white turning to grey painted walls, were a plain cheap wooden bed and a tired old wardrobe, "altogether it's a pretty depressing place" she thought, "but at least I'm left alone in here".

Opening the wardrobe she pulled out one of her many plain dresses, this one black, and pulled it on. Slipping on a pair of simple white socks and her utilitarian black shoes she turned to the only other piece of furniture in the room, a full length quite ornate mirror. "The only reason she lets me keep it' Dawn thought" is because it was my mothers, and her ladyship would never have something of 'That Gypsy Witch' as she called her, in her room.

Once more pushing the anger and bitterness down Dawn looked at herself in the mirror, she had the dark brown wavy hair she assumed she got from her mother but instead of the darker skin of the typical gypsy hers was rather pale, mixed with her pale green, almost colourless, eyes , her delicate features and skinny coltish body, it gave her quite an odd look, and she figured it made her even more of an outcast in the village.

Sighing Dawn steeled herself and went down the stairs to the kitchen in search of food, hoping that no one would be in there so she could escape the house without having to deal with anyone.

" Hmph, I see you've crawled out of bed you lazy little creature" she heard from the direction of the kitchen stove, turning she faced her step-mother and her sneering expression.

Dawn braced herself for yet another tirade about her faults and worthlessness. She didn't have to wait long.

"I don't know why your father keeps you around, if he listened to me you'd have been out of your ear the minute your gypsy scum mother died and the spell she used on your father ended"

Dawn just stood looking at the floor hiding the anger and hatred she felt for the woman in front of her. She knew that she just had to let her run out of steam and then she could grab some bread and some milk and leave.

"I can't see why he wants you still when he has my perfect little Jen, you're a pathetic little freak compared to her, and don't think I don't know that you've been trying to corrupt her. You keep away from her, if I see you talking to her again you'll wish you'd never been born."

Sighing silently Dawn rolled her eyes, it was always the same things she ranted about. She guessed she should hate Jen for being loved more than her but Jen was just such a lovely, sweet and innocent girl that all she felt was a bit of jealousy at times. All her hate was reserved for the bitch currently screeching at her.

Blanking out the continued stream of bile aimed at her she examined her dear step-mother Beth. It was really no big surprise as to why she hated Dawn's mother, Beth was, to be quite blunt, plain at best, and well on her way to being fat. coupled with her piggish nose and florid face she looked rather like an over sized pig in a wig. Whereas Janna, Dawn's mother, had been quite exotic looking for the area, with the stereotypical dark curly hair, large dark eyes and tanned skin of a gypsy. Dawn guessed it was rather difficult to live up to that for Beth, though the fact she dealt with it by treating Dawn like some kind of demon spawn destroyed any slight sympathy Dawn may have felt.

"Well?" Beth snapped, jerking Dawn from her musing.

"Huh?" Dawn said.

"Stupid girl, I said Why are you in my kitchen?" Beth replied.

"Oh, well I wanted some breakfast"

Beth grabbed a loaf of bread and roughly cut a few slices off and passed them to Dawn.

"There, now bugger off" she said, glaring at Dawn.

Dawn took the bread and then grabbed a glass of water before leaving out of the houses back door which opened out onto a small empty yard where the family's few chickens pecked at the ground hungrily.

Relieved to have escaped the house once more, Dawn wandered through the village while munching on the bread. After finishing off the food she decided to head to her secret hiding place where she could be alone with no one around to bother her with snide comments and dirty looks, plus she wanted to have a closer look at the pendant she had found yesterday.

Dawn walked to the edge of the village she looked around for anyone in the area and seeing no one climbed over a wall into the small overgrown backyard of an old derelict cottage. She slowly worked her way through the overgrowth towards the old hidden shed that she had claimed for herself. With one last check around for any people she slipped inside.

Closing the door behind her Dawn had a look around the gloomy little space, it was crowded with old junk except in one corner near a small window where there were some old blankets and a couple of small candles. "It might be a bit tatty but it's mine" she thought.

Settling down on the blankets she lit a candle to push back the gloom and pulled the pendant out from her pocket. As soon as she did so the air in the shed seemed to cool slightly and the gloom pushed back against the candle's faint light. For some reason this didn't bother Dawn, her attention was fixed on the pendant in her hands.

The End

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