The Pen versus the Sword

Is the pen actually mightier than the sword?

The saying is true, the pen is mightier than the sword. The pen proves to be an oppressive force unchallenged by anything else in this world. The pen is a superior weapon to that of the sword. One can inflict lasting damage on an opponent with only a few well chosen words. I sit here, showing how the sword is no match for the pen. The sting from the cold blade cannot rid me of the words etched into my mind. The pen, unlike the sword, can be taken anywhere, taking out enemies anywhere at any time. The pen is a symbol for mental suffering than can render a person useless. The sword feebly battles the pen to release the victim from their suffering. It is no use, the trickling blood only provides seconds worth of release, the pen gets the upper hand once again.

The End

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