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“Don’t you see it Foghorn!” Kail slammed his hands onto his desk, and thrust himself onto his feet. “I can’t do anything to repay him for saving my life. But I can repay her, and I have to.”

His mind was made up. “I guess there is nothing that I can say that would change your mind,” Foghorn resigned.

“Nothing,” Kail confirmed. “But I will not risk the lives of these men getting her. They just need to focus on getting Faber out alive. I’m going after her myself.”

The tension in the room was gone. The men breathed easily. They had so much respect for one another but disagreed about so many things. Finding compromises was the best they could hope for, and this was the compromise.

They left the cabin. “Alright men! Come the hour of four, we strike!”

Kail loved when Foghorn was on his side. He allowed him to give the orders, just to see his face light up. It was a role he knew that Foghorn missed, but one that he willing gave to Kail in his old age.

“Come four, we show them what we are made of. Come four, we fight for Kail!”

The End

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