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“I’m the fugitive Foggy. I’m the reason she is in prison, and I’m going to get her out.” Kail flopped himself back down in his chair. “She saved my life and now I’m going to save hers.”

“But how do you know she is even in the same location as Faber?” Foghorn posed the question. “What if she was transferred to another one?”

“There is only one prison on the Pleneasian mainland,” Kail countered. “It’s the prison for commoners, fugitives and gladiators. I doubt they would bother transferring her to an island prison.”

He made a good point and Foghorn knew it. He still thought it was a fool hardy plan though. “Don’t you think you should tell the crew?”

“Tell them what?” Kail asked rhetorically. “That I’m risking their lives to jail break someone who can assist us in no possible way? I don’t think that…” he was cut off.

“You need to tell them” Foghorn demanded.

“And what purpose would that serve?” Kail rose to his feet and grabbed an apple. “These men trust me. I don’t need them questioning every decision I make.”

“I can’t believe you still have a crew after all of these seasons of dragging them through Hades and back,” Foghorn said turning to leave.

“And exactly how many men have died under me as captain?” Kail asked.


“Died of scurvy, doesn’t count.”


“Mistook fireflies for an actual fire, abandoned ship and was eaten by a shark. Also not my fault.”

The End

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