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“Please, please,” the Hawk soothed. “Just show us the way and we will find him.”

She lead him downstairs and he called in the four other Hawks. Kail could barely make out what was being said from his claustrophobic position. He gave up trying to.

A few minutes later, the woman returned, lifting the sheets on her bed. She whispered, “There is still one guarding the downstairs door.”

Kail nodded and wormed his out.

“I think the plump one broke my bed,” she said matter-of-factly.

“I think he broke my ribs,” Kail responded with a half serious grimace. She smiled. “Umm,” he paused uncharacteristically. “I don’t know how I can possibly thank you.”

“Don’t get caught again. That will be enough thanks for me.”

He took one final look into her eyes. “Will do.” And with that he stood on her bed and hoisted himself back through the roof. Kail made his way down the ladder, which had not been removed, in the alley and made to a different dock than the one The Nestling arrived at. He untied a row boat and made his way out to see where he met his crew at the usual meeting place in case of the crew getting split up. It was quite an accomplishment for someone with a bullet still imbedded in his foot.     

“When I returned to her house a few seasons later she no longer lived there,” Kail said. “The man who lived there now said that the woman who used to live here got arrested for helping a fugitive or something.”

Foghorn knew what was running through Kail’s head. He knew how guilty he felt. 

The End

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