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only 91 seasons old himself. Her hair was dark and straight. Her eyes were as dark as her hair. He wondered if her features really were that dark or if it was a trick of the light. She was beautiful. That was the only word for it.

“The truth please!” she demanded.

He looked straight into her eyes, and spoke again. “I just want to get back to the sea. I mean you no harm.” He felt a wave of emotion hit him. He made up his mind that her eyes were the only place he would rather be than the sea.

She nodded. “I believe you,” she said flatly. “You’re a good man.”

With those words the footsteps of a Hawk could be clearly heard making his way toward the hole. “He went through!” a voice yelled.

The woman motioned for Kail to get under the bed. He considered that it might be an easy way to trap him, but he really had no other options. He slid underneath and tried to remain silent.

The Hawk called into the hole. “Hello miss. Stay right where you are. I’m coming down.” His movements were not graceful and he landed hard on the bed. Kail felt like his lungs were going to collapse in his chest as he bore the weight of the man’s stout frame.

The woman gave the Hawk an alarming look. “There was a man here,” she cried. “He held me at gunpoint and forced me to show him the cellar exit.” She began to sob.

The hawk stepped down off the bed and motioned to comfort her. Kail felt the pressure release and began to wheeze. The woman began to cry even harder, making similar wheezing sounds to cover his noise. 

The End

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