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hate the Empire as I do.” He stood behind Foghorn’s chair and grabbed the bottle from his hand. This got his attention and he spun to face Kail, who placed the bottle on his book shelf. Back to the map he went. “He served in Sagima,” he placed a red pin on the appropriate place on the map. “In Coswell,” another pin. “In Nampina. Need I continue?”

Foghorn shook his head. He studied Kail’s face. “So he knows his way around different islands of the Empire. He knows that how the military knights operate. You are forgetting that he has been locked away for the past 22 seasons and the only day light he sees is the sky after he has entered the arena.”

Kail conceded the point. Foghorn continue to study his face. He had known him since he was a boy. “What are you not telling me Kail?” The realization hit him. “Oh no. I’ve seen that look before,” Foghorn shook his head. “This is about her isn’t it?”

Kail looked down. “Well not exactly,” he responded hesitantly.

“I can’t believe you Kail. You don’t even know her name.”

“She saved me Foggy,” a name only Kail could get away with calling him. “I don’t know why, but she saved me.”

He thought about that day only seven seasons ago. Kail and five of his crew members raided a storage unit full of military grade weapons, which he knew would not only fetch a fine price to fellow pirates, but also would leave the Pleneasian knights scratching their heads, which was really more of his objective. After making a few trips back to the Nestling, the heavily armored lifeboat that was used for all the transportation purposes without drawing attention to the Pelican, Kail decided to go back for the last crate. As he approached the unit, he saw a group of night watchmen, called the Hawks, running toward him and blowing their whistles. He turned and 

The End

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