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pose. With his hands blocking his mouth he was forced to think before speaking. A technique his father had taught him, and one that he wished he had remembered before his outburst toward his best friend. “I’m sorry you feel that way,” was all he could manage or at least, all he chose to say.

Foghorn silently accepted his apology but continued, “Please tell me again, why you think this is necessary.”

“You know the mission Foghorn. These past seasons taking pokes at the Empire, and what has it gained us?” Kail asked. He stood up and made his way to the map on the wall where he had strategically placed pins. “I mean, sure it’s funny and all. And sure we make a few coins now and then. But really,” he paused, “but really what is the point?”

Foghorn let the words sit in the room for a moment before he spoke. Then in a calm voice, he apologized for his harshness of tone. “I’m sorry Kail. I do agree that Adonius deserves no less than death, and that the Empire is far exceeding its bounds. But what I do not understand is why we need some Pleneasian general to help us out so badly, that we bring our ship right into the heart of the Empire, to spring him out of prison.”

Kail took note that the harshness of tone was back in his voice as he finished. He decided to speak with the same tone so as not to sound condescending. “Former general! He has been fighting in the coliseum for last 22 seasons. No one can match General Faber’s strength, but more importantly, no one knows the Empire inside out better than him.”

“There are plenty of people who do, and you know it.”

“Yes, but not all of them would be willing to help us.” Kail began pacing the room. “I mean, he practically has as much reason to 

The End

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