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encountered. Not that it could compete with the Pelican’s fire power or speed, but it could raise the alarm to other ships and the mission at hand would be jeopardized to say the least. No ships were in sight. Kail closed his telescope and started down the rope ladder.

Not one of his crew members knew his last name, but that suited him just fine. It added to his mystery. It added to his persona. The less people knew the better. The more mysterious he became the less questions people would be willing to ask him. He was the captain of this ship but he hated that title. His crew just referred to him as Kail. However, he had become somewhat of a legend of the seas and earned the name Kail the Brave, a title usually only bestowed to the knights of the Empire. The name was a slap in the face to those who worked so hard conquering territory for Pleneasia, and did not go unnoticed. He had a bounty placed on his head, partially for a name that he did not have a hand in creating, but more prominently because he was a pirate.    

He was not a typical pirate though. In fact, other than the telescope he carried around with him, there was nothing piratey about him. No eye-patch. No peg leg. No hook for a hand. Nothing he wore differentiated him from any normal Pleneasian citizen and he liked it that way. It made it easier to get through towns without a huge target on his back, or at least it did until his face was plastered all over every town within the Empire’s control, with a nice price tag attached to bringing him in. Alive or dead, it didn’t make a difference. He often thought about growing a beard to mask his recognizable face, but could never stand the itching after a week of growth. He tried wearing a hat pulled low to his eye line. It only lasted a few days, and then found a new home in the sea. He didn’t like the shape it gave his thick brown hair. Never did a pirate care so much about his appearance. 

The End

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