The Pelican

This is a novel about Kail and his crew trying to overthrow a corrupt empire. The first half of the novel is him going through adventures to recruit his team, and the second half is his plan of attack in action. Full of twists and turns. This is only the first chapter. If I can get enough reviews I will post chapter 2.

Chapter 1: The Plan


          The ship sailed west despite the strong eastern wind. The bow cut through the dark torrential waves, which splattered across the hull. The main mast flexed at an unbelievable angle, but the ship pushed forward anyway. A marvel to modern ship builders, the Pelican defied physics.

The crew of this masterpiece stood on the deck and watched into the night. The rejecting wind was a bad omen they thought. A suicide mission to be sure. But who would dare say anything to the captain? These men had too much respect for him. Fear was maybe a more realistic word to describe some of their feelings. It wasn’t because he was ruthless. It wasn’t because he was cruel. It was because of his sense of adventure, and his unbending will when his mind was made up. He was “unjustly optimistic” as his crew liked to put it and they were the ones who were most affected by his temporary oversights.

“Come now gents,” Kail said. “What’s the worst that could happen?” The captain always had a way of sounding even more out of his mind than he actually was. What’s the worst that could happen to them? They could think of numerous scenarios that all ended in death, many first involving torture.

Kail took his telescope and climbed the crow’s nest. The lights from the city were far in the distance and he wanted to get a better look too make sure they were approaching outside of Imperial Jurisdiction. Of course, nothing was really out of the jurisdiction of the Pleneasian (Plen-E-shen) Empire, but at least arriving from the south, a ship could go undetected for quite awhile. By the time they realize that this was an unlicensed ship, the Pelican would be hitting the docks. Patrol ships were sparse this late, but still a problem if 

The End

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