An awkward first meetingMature

“‘Bout time,” I whispered as I went to answer it. It didn’t occur to me that the usual delivery man always rang the doorbell, then left the food in the hallway, my money already waiting in a special closed box on the outside, so when I opened the door I nearly screamed when I saw that it was the man from last night.

                Bag in hand his eyes fixed themselves upon me through the crack that I had opened the door, my blood running cold as those dark eyes gave me the once over.

                “Do you want your food?” he asked in a voice that I didn’t think could come from someone I had found so mysterious. His voice was gravelly but still high, a mixture of childlike tones and wisdom beyond his years. He was dressed in a black suit that was pristine and flawless; it hurt to look at it in its perfection. I reached out hesitantly for the bag, his eyes watching my every movement. He didn’t move his hand away from me; just let his fingers go as my hand gripped the bag.

                “Thank you,” I murmured, my eyes dropping to the floor as I spoke.

“Mind if I join you?” My breath caught in my throat and I felt myself drowning. He wanted…to come in? Why? I hadn’t let anyone past my front door in over a year, what made him think that he would be the first? What made him so special?

                “Why? I don’t even know you.” My eyes were still on the floor but I could sense his lips quirk up into a smile.

                “I think it will be good for you.” My eyes trailed from the tips of his fingers, up his outstretched arm and finally to the smile that was on his face.

                “I think that you should go home,” I told him before closing door as fast I could. I stood there for a few moments clutching the bag to my chest, my body shaking. He had gotten too close. He was confident, cocky, just like all the others and I already felt myself start to hate him.

The End

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