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It's been two years since Selene shut her door to the outside world and turned her back on her life; but will a meeting with a mysterious man named Bastian be what she needs to step back into the light?

He came back that night smelling like drying blood for the third time that week. I heard him open the apartment door and rolled over to turn on the bedside lamp. The smell used to make me sick so he used to have an elaborate system in place to change his clothes before he came home. However, as time has gone on the smell has almost become a comfort, he has returned, he is okay. The bedroom door creaked open and his face appeared, eyes hidden by a curtain of dark brown hair.

                “Did I wake you up?” he asked, voice hushed.

                “No, I wasn’t asleep yet,” I replied. He nodded and disappeared back into the hallway. With the door cracked open I could hear him go into the bathroom, probably to remove and soak his dirty clothes for the night, and then fiddle around in the kitchen for a few minutes. He was always hungry after these jobs. Soon after he appeared back at the bed room door, clothed only in his underwear; he gave me a small smile and came over to the bed. “Did it go well?” I asked.

                “He put up more of a fight than I expected, but it ended fine,” he answered, drawing back the covers. I moved closer to him and he wrapped one arm around my shoulders, his skin warm against my own.

                “Did he hurt you?” I asked as I snuggled into his chest. He brushed his fingers through my hair and shook his head.

                “No, I’m okay.”

                “That’s good.” The light went out and he made himself comfortable for the night as I drifted off to sleep.

The End

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