The Patron Of Lost Children

An eccentric man living the life of a bum will be met in a head on collision by an unlikely event that will change his life forever.

A middle aged African American man that is intolerable and has no life, friends, or relationship with God will be chosen to become a supernatural Patron of lost children. It is Friday October 12 2012 and it is around election time in the Midwestern state of Indiana. At the heart of this witch boot shaped state, which is Indianapolis and on the west side in the 1900 block of King street a middle aged man named Sedrick is woke up by the sound of his 72 year old mother’s juicer. This in coalition to the man living behind his mother who is fulfilling his dream of owning a funeral home and the constant noise of his generator…Sedrick’s imaginary Rooster is on his bed and less than an inch from his head when it vigorously erupts with its morning call. "Good morning Vietnam." Sedrick said and he opens his blood shot red eyes.

Sedrick tries to gather himself as he rolls over onto his back and stares at the ceiling. While he stares at the ceiling he tries to find a reason to get out of the bed. He can remember the sting of yesterday and from that point how a string of yesterday’s crept into his mind. He can remember how tired, hopeless and crushed he felt. Sedrick’s searching for this kind of reason use to be every so often, but now it has become the familiar vomit of the mundane each day. Sedrick thoughts venture into the should have could have, or would have, but he finds no comfort just more emptiness.

The phone begins to ring and he sees that it is his little brother that he recently reconnected with since his father’s death at the hands of pulmonary disease. Sedrick leans out of the bed and sees that it is Ulysses and he lies back down. Sedrick tells himself that he has been too dependent on this relationship thing with his younger brother. "We argue…we’re cool…he doesn’t listen…he’s hard headed like me and through it all I know that the family thing doesn’t work." Sedrick said. After a few rings his mother hears it and answers. In a few seconds her famous country yell into the pasture echoes throughout the entire house like a bull horn on steroids. "Sedrick! Sedrick!" Puddin said. He knows that she is not going to stop calling unless he answers.

The End

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