role model.

Q:do you have role model?



i love my brother he is my role model i tryed to tell him that he is befor but he does'nt beleive me.... it makes me sad when he does'nt beleive me about somthing like that but i guess i do understand because me and him fight a lot!!!! and when i say a lot im not exaterating like i usually doooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  but he is because he is very smart and he does'nt let things get to him like i do and i wish i could be more like him...hes smart and a very layed back person he doesnt over react like some people do about stupid stuff (me). but if i could take some of him and put it in him i would.... well enough of all that lovey stuff i want to tell you about things my role model has done that i just love and that i will never forget!!! haha!

The End

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