The Path

This is about life being painful sometimes but we all have to get through it..

   Some of you have been here, Some of you have not.  This long and painful journey with excruiciating thought.  I keep walking down the one way path, containing hurt and devastation.  But I know I must keep walking to reach my destination.  My heart and soul are shattered.  I'm trapped inside my mind.  But I know I must keep walking,  I have many things to find.  Like a single threaded tight-rope, I must watch my every step.  But the rope is getting longer and I'm losing every breath.  Why must I keep chasing after what belongs to me.  If I keep on with this journey can I please just have the key?  My eyes are growing tired and I don't think I can go on.  I do not understand this pain of this path I'm walking on.  But day by day I tear apart. I don't know which way is right.  This awful path I'm walking on with-holds darkness, never light....until my journey's over I cannot stop and rest.  The wind and waves they tell me, moving on is best.  Though I don't know where I'm going and I don't know where I am.  I must keep walking this path that no one understands.  This awful painfilled journey I'm ready to get through has truly not even started, though it seems like that to you. But No. I've only been through the best it's going to get.  So I enter through the gateway.  To my path I may regret. Taking each step slowly for it's starting to begin and the first thought in my mind is,  I want this to end.  But I must keep walking down this path to find myself again and next time that you see me you'll know where I have been. Do not judge me or forsake me.  You know better then that .  But maybe if you don't, why don't you take the path?  But please don't worry, about how I walk this line.  Just keep going on with life and I'll keep going on with mine. Soon I will be fine but I must keep walking down the path, because the journey is mine....~Shannon Taylor~

The End

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