Simon EscapesMature


                He felt the touch of a warm hand on his face.  The hand did not pertain to the world of glass metropolises, nor did it belong to the Second Queen of Time.  This hand, and the voice that accompanied it, he ought to know well.

                “Yes, Henry?” he responded, not opening his eyes.

                Henry sighed in evident relief.  “N-nothing.  You just…just passed out, I guess.  We were scared you’d, well, lapsed into…never mind.”


                “Fiona and I.  She’s gone to consult Alasdair—”

                He broke off then, as if something had just occurred to him.

                “Fiona!” he shouted, making Simon start.  “He’s awake!  No need to disturb your uncle!”

                As if that wouldn’t disturb him.  Simon let his eyes drift open and stared upward, toward the ceiling.  Much as he loved his brother…really, the chap was not the sharpest knife at the table.  Not the dullest, either, certainly, but the point remained.

                Find them…

                “Henry,” he began.  “You wouldn’t happen to know where Seymour and Seoc are, would you?”

                A slight shadow passed over Henry’s features at the mention of their names.  “No.  They may have gone to supper.  Why?”

                Simon slipped his hand into his pocket, running his fingers along the contours of the wristwatch.  “I need to find them,” he replied, and without further ado, he sat up and swung his legs over the edge of his bed.

                “Simon, wait!” Henry cried, throwing out a hand to stop him.  “You need to rest!”

                “No, I don’t,” he countered, shaking his brother off and trotting away toward the door.  “I’m fine now.  Trust me.”

                And it was true.  He did not feel tired at all.  Not anymore.  Energy and urgency rushed through his veins, driving him forward.  He had forgotten the feeling of being young and healthy, but now he remembered.  He felt clean.  He felt immortal.  He felt as if Waelyngar had never happened.  Even the dread of Snake could not weigh him down—he was free.  Perhaps it would not last long, but there was no need to dwell on that now.  All that mattered was to find them.  Find Seymour and Seoc.  Why?  He supposed he would find out.

                Fiona charged at him, intending to catch him and pin him down.  He evaded her easily, ducked beneath her outstretched arms and out through the infirmary door. 


The End

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