Blood clouding his vision, he stumbled down the steps, throwing off the guard who had reached out to stop him, and broke into a sort of brisk stagger as he reached the base.


                He did not slow or turn to the sound of his wife’s voice.  Nearly blind by now, eyes swimming with crimson tears, he increased his speed, wobbling perilously as he did so.  But she was faster than he was and caught him about the middle in a tight embrace.  He struggled for a moment before giving in.

                “Alasd’thair, d’tharlink,” she whispered, turning him around to face her, and gasped at the sight of his face.  “Rezyn!”

                He spat out a mouthful of blood.  “Rezyn can’t help us now,” he choked.  “He’s stronger than I am, Mia!”

                “Who is?  Who you say is stronger dzan you, d’tharlink?”

                He was fading rapidly from blood-loss.  “Sorcerer,” he managed.  “MacIh…Mac…” And he fainted, collapsing onto her.

*     *     *

Seymour and Seoc had taken their leave of Simon and were walking for the infirmary exit when they heard heavy, running feet and froze.

                “Hide,” Moriba, the Lady Raven, hissed urgently before dissolving into the wall.

                Seymour glanced around rapidly before diving beneath the nearest bed, pulling Seoc along with him.  An instant later, the infirmary door opened with a bang and three sets of feet entered.  Seymour couldn’t see anything above their owners’ knees, but he judging by the rattling of mail, he guessed that the two larger pairs belonged to a couple of guards from the wall.  From their heavy, strained breathing, they must have been carrying something heavy.  And since this was an infirmary, this something was probably a person.  The third set of feet obviously belonged to a woman.  All three sets were clattering directly towards the bed under which Seymour and Seoc had concealed themselves.

                “Oh, shit,” Seymour breathed.

                The cot above them creaked as the two guards laid their burden upon it.

The End

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