Invisibility was a singular sensation.  Seymour found it rather unsettling to make his way down the stairway without being able to see his own feet, for he couldn’t be entirely certain if he was putting them where he thought he was placing them.  He second-guessed himself a few times, nearly falling as he stumbled over the steps.  After a while, though, he grew accustomed to it, and he moved swiftly through the streets of Waelyngar towards the base of the cliff.

                There was only one entrance to Waelyngar Penitentiary, soon to be renamed as Waelyngar Institution for the Criminally Insane.  Built into the face of the cliff, its barred mouth waited agape, patrolled by six guards.  There were no windows, and the sole opening shimmered with powerful magical wards.  No magic would pass through that gate; a mage would be struck dead instantly, but Seymour would only lose his invisibility.  He had to be cautious.

                Surveying his prospects, he crept up to the side of the gate, barely avoiding a passing guard, and pressed himself against the sheer cliff wall.  His heart drummed relentlessly against the inside of his chest, and blood pounded in his ears.  He forced himself to breathe as shallowly as he could, but it was painful and nearly impossible.  He could not remember being this nervous in years.  Bile rose in his throat, and he choked it back down, pressing his tongue against his teeth to stop them from chattering.  Another guard marched by, passing so close that Seymour could feel the heat radiating off of the man’s body.  He inched closer to the opening, standing with the sharp corner digging into his back, ready to dive through at the first opportunity.   He reminded himself to mind the skirts of his disguise, gathering them up to allow his feet more freedom.


                Silently, he slipped through the open gates and threw himself against the inside wall.  He glanced down at his fake bosom, confirming that he was indeed visible once more, and shrank into the shadows.  As there was no commotion of shouting, and no one was running at him with a pike, he thought it safe to assume that he had not been seen.  Now all that was to be done was to find two prisoners and smuggle them out without being noticed.

                Well, he thought to himself wryly.  This ought to be easy.

The End

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