Chapter 3: Talia

After my little visit to see Sermon, I head back to the house I am sharing with my two best friends. The two others who are starting school with me.

 Before entering the house, I quickly shift my form back to mine. The long black hair my mother had always worn. The blue eyes of my father and the tanned look of Sermon.

 Once fully back into my form, I walk though the front door to hear my friends talking in the kitchen. I walk through.

 “Hey guys. What’s up?” I ask as soon as I enter, turning the kettle on.

 “Talking about school. Are you sure you got all the documents right?” Serine asks me.

 “Sure I did. It was easy. I handed them in last week. We are officially Talia, Serine and Isabella Midsworthe. Sisters. We got adopted four years ago. By Anita Midsworthe.” I tell them.

 “Yes! So we are going to school? I’ll get to see my brothers again?” Isabella asks her excitement evident.

 “Yes. But you can’t tell them who you are.” I tell her.

 “Why? Haven’t you told them? You said we were going to be a family again.” Isabella tells me, close to tears.

 “I know. I will tell them but we need to wait. We need to tell them slowly.” I tell her. So he won’t kill me. So he will love me for finding you. I say in my head. I see Serine glaring at me. I know she was reading my mind. A little witchy trait of hers.

 “They will know soon enough. I promise. Just not yet.” I say. The kettle stops boiling. I get me tea and go through to my room and sit on my bed.

Looking at the picture of me and Sermon painted on our second date, I smile, remembering the feel of his skin that one time we got my house to our selves. The way he felt on my body. I close my eyes, forgetting my tea and dream of him in my arms again.

The End

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