The Past Is A PresentMature

Full moon. All the stars are sharing their light. It is the best Solstice Night, ever. Just as I arrive, the song ends. The band takes a moment to re-tune the instruments.

In the shimmering light, I see him coming. He, Alexander Millton, coming closer to me with everyone of his long strides. His hair looks like quick silver in the celestial light. He offers me his hand. I am suddenly very glad there are no candles around. I know my face must be a very unbecoming shade of red. Heart beating faster than the music, I lay my fingers on his arm. I am gifted with a smile that might have made me dizzy, had I not been prepared for it. We start to spin slowly among the throng of couples on the makeshift stage. I smile up into his face, as we twirl between familiar strangers.

 It is a night of letting go, of happiness. He seems happy as well. His strong features. Straight nose. Plump lips. Sparkling green eyes. All focused on me. As we relax a little in each others arms, we get more excited. We know this dance. Plus more. As we loosen up, the couples start to back off of the dance floor. The more room we unlock, the better we get. I feel my own sun bleached hair fly away from my body. He spins me away from him, only to pull me back, slightly closer than before.

Before long, we are as close as possible, with out starting talk around town. The band eventually stops, and tunes again, for a slow song. A lover's song. I am glad for the reprieve. I am panting in a very unlady-like way. I place my hands on his muscular chest. He traps me with hands, gripping my hips. Not that I would dream of running away.

" Amber, it's time to get up."

The End

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