The past

Sermon is a vampire. He lives with his brother, sister in law, adopted mother and sister. He is off blood. Trying to fit in a world which dosnt want im, minus his popularity in school of course...

Talia is a shapeshifter. She used to date Sermon and has nether got over it. She killed his mother and father and took his sister. She wants him back. Will she get him?

Isabella is a vampire. She is Sermons younger sister. Stuck in a fourteen year old body she just wants to be reunited with her b

A mouse is sitting on a fence, observing the back garden of the house opposite.
Behind the preoccupied mouse, a slim ginger cat is sitting among the long
grass, watching the mouse, tail twitching from side to side.

 The cat switches to a pouncing position, green eyes never leaving the mouse.

 The mouse’s ears prick up as it begins to grow, getting larger and larger by the
second until a metre tall mouse is standing on the outside of the garden.

 Its back paws slide to the back of the body, growing in length until they end up as
long, furry human shaped legs. The same begins to happen to the front paws,
sliding out to the side, growing larger, paws unfurling into furry hands at the
end of two arms.

 The main body shape changes as well, getting thinner and taller. The nose shrinks
back into the head, a small round human nose left in place, Small beady black
eyes change slide up the head and turn into a dark blue.

 A young human girl shape ends up standing where the mouse had once been. The grey
fur begins to recede into the body, around the torso and top of the arms, the
fur changes into a cream, leaving a soft top. The arms take on a slightly
tanned look. The leg fur changes into dark blue denim, matching the girls’
eyes. White trainers emerge from the feet fur.

 The fur on the head grows, changing into a golden blonde as it does, finally
stopping at the girls’ waist.

 The young female looks behind her to see the ginger cat frozen in its pouncing

 “Sorry, you were planning on pouncing on me, weren’t you? I’m afraid I won’t be as easy
to eat as you thought though, sorry.” The girl says to the cat politely,
bending to clap the cat which immediately unfreezes and bolts it away, leaving
a loud yowl behind it.

 The girl lets out a sad sigh before turning back to the house.

 “You sure got yourself a nice place this time,” she admires aloud, turning her head
slightly to the right, as if waiting for a reply.

 “Nah. If you were going to kill me, you would have already.” She says to the empty
garden in front of her.

 “So that time fifteen years ago, when you had me at your mercy wasn’t the right
time? What is the right time then?” She then asks the emptiness.

 A rustle of wind blows behind her as a light haired male teen materialises out of

 “When you least expect it.” He tells her, a smirk on his lips.

 “I will never not expect it.” She replies, turning to look at him, having to raise
her head slightly in order to look him in the eye.

 “Except, I now know what you look like and I take it you will be joining school tomorrow
when it restarts. Easy.” He tells her, his smirk growing wider.

 “Not really. There are three new girls coming in tomorrow. I have just borrowed the
looks of one of them. You still won’t know which is me. What if you attack an
innocent?” The girl asks, starting to gain a smugness of her own.

 “Possibly, but,” he takes a deep breath in through his nose, “I know what you smell like.”

 “Hmm, possibly. But would you still risk it? Even after last time?” She retorts.

 “Speaking of last time, why are you looking seventeen, not twenty like Nathanial?” He
asks, a hint of anger showing through his expression.

 “Split up with him three years ago. Now I’m single and free.” A smile lights up her
face, “What about you, Sermon” Have you moved on?” Genuine concern flitters
into her face but it is quickly hidden by a look of pleasure.

 “Like you care. What name are you going by now? I doubt you have kept Haryana” Sermon
asks her.

 “Find out tomorrow, and be careful not to attack an innocent.”

 “I won’t. I know what you smell like. I will get my revenge for what you did to my
family.” Sermon growls as his green eyes flash red.

 “I’m counting on it.” She tells him, excitement in her eyes. With a grin, she turns
and walks away. “See you tomorrow.” She calls after him as she vanishes out of

The End

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