The haggard mess that was once Dave/Dale groaned, turning over and burying his toothless face into the sand. A small part of my stomach winced as my bare foot accidentally touched a spot of hot, red liquid that had come from the young man’s gums, or possibly even his brain at this point. Johnny looked down at the puddle of blood that was slowly being absorbed into the shoreline. In one rapid movement, he swept me up into his titanic arms like a weightless Disney princess and kissed me again. My knotted inners unraveled and a boisterous laugh burst out of my throat. Johnny joined in, and together we crowed beneath the bellowing aurora. He stepped over the bleeding shell, disregarding the remains of the broken man and carried me off into the darkness.

That was the last time I ever saw Fire-Crotch. Sometimes I wonder if he died on that beach. Looking back, I truly hope that somebody saved him the way Johnny had saved me- the way I had thought he saved me.

Johnny took me back to his hotel room a little after three in the morning. We burned a few spliffs and popped a few Percocet, downed with a spiced-rum chaser. I don’t think I’d ever undressed in that short amount of time before. Truly, I had absolutely no idea what was happening. I only knew that in the flashes between reality and transcendental illusion all my dreams were coming true.

This is impossible. There was no real way to describe the feelings surging through me; the tingles that turned my muscle and bone into rubber. Every caress, every time his sandpapery hands dug into my back, and even when his teeth cut into me and I watched his mouth remove itself from my neck dripping with blood I felt myself inching closer and closer to death’s door and being more than happy to kick it down. I was Cinderella on her wedding night, and there’s a reason why that part was left out of the fairy tale.

My prince was alive and real and proving his manliness in ways that words simply could not formulate, and somehow, I had managed to weasel my way into his arms. And into his bed.  And I’d be damned if I was going to let him get away now.

Little did I know, Karma would have a whole lot more in store for me. This would be the very peak of my relationship with Johnny, and it was all downhill from here.

The End

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