Florida had apparently decided that October was a month for celebration, as was made obvious by the pyrotechnic spectacle dotting the black horizon with colors I had only dreamed of.

Aside from the fact that Johnny was a Libra whose birthday fell directly in the middle of the harvest month, there was also Halloween, and the birthdays of over twenty other people whose lives I felt grateful for at one or more points in my life in the same thirty-one days. It was definitely a time for elation and for parties beyond your wildest imagination. The two of us had found one another amidst the largest emotional orgy I had ever come across, and somehow, there was no room for anyone else- not even enough room for the man who had taken me there in the first place.

“You know, you got beautiful lips.” The most beautiful lips I had ever seen  seductively whispered to me. Most men who might have said something like that to me would have gotten a black eye, or bitch-slapped at least. But this guy was far different from anyone I’d ever met before. Even the most perverse comment sounded like praise from him, and I was more than happy to be his Madonna that night.

“Thanks.” It was quite possibly the lamest and most basic thing I could have said back, but honestly, it didn’t matter. Apparently he thought it was somewhat cute, because he grabbed me with more might than a rhinoceros and pushed his fantastically-chapped lips against mine in an atomic detonation. The world stopped spinning for a moment and everything went silent. I don’t know if maybe all the shit I was on had finally caught up with me, but I’m pretty sure that the event in Hiroshima had occurred all over again.

My world had completely overturned, and every crevice and crack in my soul had been filled with a stellar caulk. I didn’t think that anything was going to disturb the madness, or the stillness within me, but apparently the guy I had initially come to the party with wasn’t as electrified at the experience as I was. 

The End

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