A Leap of FaithMature

Who the fuck-?

“Sammy?” I heard Johnny’s hallowed voice through the door. My ears perked up like an over-excited puppy whose master had just come home.

 “In here!” I shouted back. “Who’s with you? I’m not dressed.”

“Good!” The one word almost made me jump out of my skin.

What the hell?  

“Stay that way. There’s someone I want you to meet.”

Excuse me?

I wasn’t sure what to think, or even what to do at the sound of the connecting sentences. I stood with my forehead pressed against the door, hoping that amidst my hesitation Johnny’s companion would have decided that it would be better to leave, and that maybe I wouldn’t have had to find out exactly what he meant. The buzzing in my head was already beginning to fade at the uncertainty in my imminent future.

No way. I wasn’t going to let him ruin my high. I had already wasted way too much energy within the past five minutes worrying about him.  Now was the time to enjoy life. He had already taken enough out of me. Besides, I knew he wasn’t really going to hurt me.

Would he?

My eyes squeezed shut, and in a leap of faith, I slowly turned the shaky handle, confronting head-on whatever Johnny had in store for me, knowing that whatever came afterward, I was probably going to live to regret it. The white light of the open window rushed into my brain like celestial grace. But the visage of what was to come was anything far from divine. I struggled to make out the faces of the two men who now held my life in their hands, and as they became clearer I began to wish that the door had stayed closed.

I was anything far from innocent at that point, and I didn’t realize it right then and there, but after hearing those few words, I had fallen into a whole new level of Hell, and there was no turning back.

The End

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