It was never my intention to be a narc, but honestly, he had it coming. I mean, what sort of a person actually does something like that and thinks that they’re going to get away with it? A bully, that’s who, and I don’t tolerate bull-shit.

Contrary to the opinion of most in my sophomore class, the boy’s locker room was definitely not my favorite place, least of all in school. I mean, really? Half of those zit-faced-retards’ balls hadn’t even dropped yet, and they thought I was interested in looking at them? Yeah, right.

Okay, I’ll admit that maybe there was a little temptation from Alex Hannigan, captain of the varsity basketball team. And from Nico Sanders, our school’s star swimmer. But hey, I mean he was basically asking for it, what with that speedo and everything. And alright, I suppose Tyler Rickken the art-freak’s shaggy new haircut in conjunction with his washboard abs was totally delicious.

But Evan Meriwether? You’ve got to be shitting me.

The End

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