We laid on the bed together, with my thin and wiry frame in between their thick, adamant figures. I exhaled the fire and my head pressed back into the pillow as my heart began to race. Johnny’s concrete hand made its way over my thigh and up into my briefs. The feeling of his skin against mine in conjunction to the amphetamines barreling through my bloodstream caused me to gasp with exhilaration. I teasingly bit my bottom lip, playing the part of the succubus I had grown so accustomed to, and waiting for Wheezer to join in on the fun.

Soon, I felt his strange and unfamiliar hand travelling the same path, and shortly afterward I heard his belt unbuckle. Right then, I felt like Adonis-incarnate. Right then, I controlled the minds of these two men with nothing but the beauty that they made me feel. There wasn’t anything for those brief, fervent moments that could have possibly made me regret making that decision. I was flying so high I thought I was in heaven. In those instants, I almost didn’t even notice the belts that they had strapped around my wrists, and for a few seconds, the pain was pure bliss.

But those seconds had died out long before it was over, and I knew that in the end, I was one being played. Even when I cried and begged for them to stop, Johnny still smiled at me. I saw the demon grinning between his gums and the meth-worn spaces in his teeth. I saw him then for what he really was.

My knight in shining armor had become my worst nightmare.

The End

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