“You want me to what?” My eyebrows raised in shock.

Wheezer’s yellow grin was simply the worst part about him. I had actually seriously considered the proposal for a second, but now I was completely turned off. There wasn’t anything I wanted more than to grab Johnny’s Revolver and shoot them both in the face.

“He’s perfect.” Wheezer shined. “He’s like an angel.” A part of me was truly flattered, and probably would have been even more so, had I not just been auctioned off to the highest bidder. Or rather, to the man who controlled Johnny’s entire source of contentment. Tina was a dumb bitch, and so was Johnny. But then again, Tina was my only real friend. And Wheezer also controlled my source of happiness, and I knew that without his constant supply, Johnny would never have stayed with me.

I stood there, trying to muster up the courage to tell them “no”, or “fat chance”, or something that would have been better than what I actually said.

“He’s hot.” Wow. “Let’s get to it then.” I couldn’t even believe the words that came out of my mouth. I had just agreed to whore myself out for a guy who probably wasn’t even going to give me the option to decline. After Wheezer had passed Tina around for a second time, I didn’t even care. 

The End

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