The Passenger: Chapter Three (Revise)Mature

It was Christmas Eve morning and everything was covered in a foot-thick blanket of choking white. The sunlight reflecting off of the snow outside the open window was blinding and desolate- a sign that there was no escaping the situation at hand.

I had done many things for love that I wasn’t proud of, but this most definitely took the cake. I stood in the bathroom doorway trying my hardest not to look entirely staggered. I couldn’t believe what Johnny was asking of me.

Wheezer was a somewhat older gentleman- not really old by any means. But at the time I was only nineteen and by my standards, Wheezer was ancient.

Wheezer the geezer. Johnny had met him during his first trip to lock-up back in Philly right after his tour in Afghanistan. Apparently they were cell mates and they were… friendly, to say the least. I’d liked to say that Johnny had moved up in the world when he met me, but I never really knew exactly how far he’d climbed the ladder until now.

The End

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