Dancing CirclesMature

“Wow. I’m going to rethink my whole life now.” I laid back in exasperation with my head on the pillow, trying not to show everyone how shaken and despicably frightened I was. Wheezer noticed and sat down on the bed next to my feet. He smiled at me and I obliged, trying to be nice in spite of my desire to puke.

“You want a foot massage?” He didn’t even give me time to respond before he had thrown my Converse across the room and started rubbing his calloused thumbs against my soles. I hated it when people touched my feet. But Wheezer was in control of the situation whether I had wanted him to be or not. As I once said, people with power dictate life for the rest of us. So, I sat back and tried to enjoy myself.

This was made increasingly difficult as Johnny kept trying to woo the only vagina in the room. For a moment, I watched as he tried to play on her self-righteousness, and in that moment it made me forget that there was a creepy old guy trying, yet again, to get in my pants.

“You know, you’re really smart for someone so young.” His voice became increasingly more seductive as he inched toward her, and I wanted to yank my foot away from its perverted captor and kick his goddamn teeth in. But instead, I observed as Michigan smiled awkwardly and turned her attention back to me, ignoring his transparent come-on. It made me a little more comfortable that she could see what he was doing. Still, it didn’t help a whole lot because he didn’t stop. “You should be a model.” Shameless. That was Johnny.

“Sammy, you’ve got really nice feet.” She tried to change the subject. It was arbitrary at best but nevertheless appreciated. “You would be perfect at ballet. Have you ever tried?” Apparently she couldn’t see how incredibly obstinate and unbalanced I was.

“Nah, Sammy couldn’t plié to save his life.” Johnny laughed. He could see it however. The remark made me a little more grateful toward the fact that there was someone who was taking an interest in me, and I decided to use it to my advantage.

“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you think.” I smirked. “I have a way of dancing circles around people.” I bit my lip playfully and pulled Wheezer into me with my leg around his neck. We locked lips in a convincingly passionate embrace. I felt how excited he was by the way his muscles tensed, and I’m sad to say that I actually enjoyed it a bit. Johnny’s expression turned sour and a little bubble of happiness burst in my stomach.

He was falling for it too, because his attention immediately came off of Michigan and on to the two of us. His eyebrows narrowed, his fists tensed, and his shirt flew off in bestial rage. He crawled onto the bed towards me, and took my face away from Wheezer’s, though I still had the old man locked between my ballerina-legs. His teeth clamped down on my bottom lip, and his tongue lapped up the spot of blood that had formed from the fresh cut.

“Okay, that’s my cue to leave.” Michigan’s obdurate voice was a godsend. “I’ll just leave you boys to it.”

“See you back at the house.” Wheezer casually called out to her as she scooped up her lime-green Hemp-woven knapsack, swung it effortlessly across her narrow shoulder, and sauntered out the door.

I shouldn’t have felt so triumphant, but I did, even though I knew that Johnny’s unexpected re-interest in me was solely out of pure jealousy. Still, it was an indication that he cared. It didn’t matter that I was again being shared. I had won him back, and I knew in that moment, he wasn’t about to go anywhere.

The End

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