That night, we all went back to the motel and had a few rounds with Tina. There wasn’t any reason for me to dislike the girl, as I would soon discover. Michigan was absolutely wonderful, in fact, which made me feel just a little bad for hating her. But I could still see the look in Johnny’s eyes that made me rethink my shame.

“You know, there’s nothing wrong with carnivores.” Michigan preached, flying so high I could barely keep up. “It’s vegetarians who really have it backwards.”

Please, enlighten me you moron. Tell me exactly why my diet has anything to do with you and your sense of morality. Okay, maybe I didn’t exactly like her in the beginning, but she had a way of growing on people.

“How so?” I inquired, pretending to be fascinated.

“Because,” she exhaled in my face, “think about it. The consumption of food is simply the transfer of energy in one living source to another. Vegetarians think that they are saving life by refusing to eat meat. But actually, by refusing to eat meat they are in fact adding to global deforestation and the overconsumption of the planet’s greenery.” She paused to flip away the crimson bangs that had fallen atop her nose.

You’re fucking high.                                                                               

“And,” she continued, oblivious to my poorly disguised contempt, “by refusing to eat meat because it is so-called ‘wrong and immoral’ they are in fact saying that plant-life is less important than animal life. Which is kind of hypocritical in my opinion.”

Well unfortunately no one actually asked for your opinion. She was very right about one thing however- it was kind of hypocritical for me not to eat meat but to still purchase twelve-hundred-Euro suede boots. Even in death, Michigan had a way of getting her point across. 

The End

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