“I…” I didn’t quite know what to say. I was fresh out of sarcasm. The shield I had been carrying was finally getting too heavy for me. So, I let it out in a reproving sigh, “She was my dealer.”

Taz’s eyebrows rose, as though he wasn’t at all primed for my unexpected assistance. I could tell it hit him in a soft spot. That was the part of me he liked- the gushy, gelatinous part that he could suck out through a straw like a mosquito, and he was loving it too. That was blatant from the definite smirk that tried to hide behind the edges of his mouth. His hands lifted themselves back onto the table, and folded ever so gently before him, as though he were now my guidance counselor and not the man responsible for having me arrested.

Who are you? Fucking Oprah?                                                     

“Wow Sammy.” I could hear the triumph glowing in his words. “Can’t say I was expecting that from you. Although I got to admit, I kind of figured as much. We picked up her cousin a few days ago. I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the guy.”

My face sank a little at that new information. You have no idea. I was a little sad to hear it. All in all, Wheezer wasn’t really that bad of a person, and certainly not in comparison to Johnny. But I’ll explain all of that later.

I watched the malice form between Taz’s lips. “You made the right move in being straight with me.”

A sword quickly began to forge itself in the place where my shield had once rested. I would have expected even less from you, Benjamin.

The End

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