A Moment of PerfectMature

“Don’t let me EVER catch you ‘round here again!” Johnny’s warning was more of a war-cry, and the index finger he pointed at them was almost as menacing as his Gun. “You ‘ear me bitch?” He took my hand and we ran, the elements still pounding against our faces. We sprinted a few blocks past the bodega, where Johnny was probably headed in the first place, before we dipped into a nearby alleyway. My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was just going to give out. My lungs ached with a horrid piercing that almost made me want to quit smoking. Almost.

He went to pull me into him but I pushed away as the queasiness came on again, and emptied the contents of my stomach onto the snow-covered pavement. Nothing but water and OJ that burned my esophagus in a way that was almost liberating. I spit the remaining stomach acid out of my mouth and turned to face him.

I punched him in the shoulder with what little strength I possessed. “You dumbass!” I cried. “What the HELL is your problem?”

I was even less tickled when he burst into frantic and maniacal laughter. I rolled my eyes and took a cigarette out from the flowery metal case in my jacket pocket and he whipped out his Lighter.

“Allow me m’lady.” He chuckled, lending me his spark.

Though there was nothing at all funny about the situation, I realized that there was no sense in fighting it. A smile percolated my lips that exhaled a billowing cloud of smoke. Johnny snickered again, knowing that he was victorious. As though I’d had a fighting chance.

Our mild jubilation was cut short by the unnerving blare of sirens as the cops shot on by, their blazing blue and red lights prancing through the whiteout. Johnny turned with his back facing the street and pulled me close to the brick wall away from the droning sounds until they had passed.

“That was sure fast.” His breath was hot against my face, melting the snow that had built up on my nose. Our eyes met in yet another perfect moment. 

This was my life. This was my Johnny. And in no discernible future was there any chance I was getting out alive.

The End

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