Aggression and DesparationMature

“Babe, don’t worry about them. They’re a bunch of fucking retards.” I tried to bring his attention back to me. But the idiots kept taunting him, laughing and looking back at us, making obscene gestures with their mouths that made me think they had more experience giving fellatio than I did.

Johnny was not amused, nor was he about to let them get away with that crap. Nobody makes a fool of Johnny. Nobody, except Johnny. He let go of me, and pushed me back when I tried to stop him. The jocks were not intimidated, though if they were at all intelligent they would have been.

“You got a problem fuck-face?” Johnny marched up to the kid who had shouted the first insult and I saw him reach into his back pocket. Comb-over laughed with a bold confidence that would serve him absolutely no purpose in the coming moments.

Because Johnny already had the Pistol pointed right between his eyes.

The kid was frozen in trepidation and his friends cried out their respective ‘Oh fuck!’’s and ‘Holy shit!’’s as Johnny cocked the Revolver into firing position. An overdramatic, middle-aged woman- with really bad highlights- screamed for dear life, alerting everyone and their mothers within a two-block radius. It was, in that moment, very apparent to me that she couldn’t have been married to anyone, male or female, and immediately, the disinterested pedestrians became desperate and frantic. The whole scene became a hot mess in all of three seconds. They should have known better. I certainly did.

“Hey man chill out!” Comb-over whimpered tragically. “I didn’t mean to-”

“You didn’t mean to what?” Johnny towered over the guy, who suddenly felt oh-so-small in comparison to his wrath. “You didn’t mean to be a mouthy douchebag?”

“Y-yeah man! Really! I’m sorry!” the kid’s voice cracked like he had just started puberty. I could see the dread building up behind his eyes and realized that it was a feeling I myself had often mirrored. I felt a desperate sort of empathy for the young man who was now under the sickening belief that his parents were soon going to attend his funeral.

The End

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