Sweet NothingMature

He wrapped his arms around my bare waist and squeezed against my frail abdominals. I watched as the small infinity sign tattooed on his bicep flexed along with his muscles. I always loved that tattoo. “You want somethin’ from the store?” He nibbled against the side of my neck- my weak spot. I cringed.

“How about a new Prius?” I smirked, nuzzling the back of my head into his chest. I loved the fact that he was a good six inches taller than me. But even though I acted warm and caring, he could hear the undertones of annoyance in my voice. “To replace the one you totaled.”

“Aw babe,” he whined, “I told you I was sorry. You know how I get when I’m in the zone.” He bit his lip playfully, as though it would stop me from getting irritated. Sadly enough, he knew me all too well.

“Meaning,” I turned to face him, “’you know how I get when I’ve had too much tequila.’”

He snickered, and even though I shouldn’t have been amused, I laughed out loud. I remember that night when he crashed the car Dad had bought me for my seventeenth birthday. He had used my mom’s checking account to pay for it, which was lucky for me I suppose, because the asshole investigators couldn’t prove that it was paid for with dirty money. I remember him dancing in the driver’s seat-his self-proclaimed seat- swigging the bottle, not paying attention to the road. And I was in the passenger seat, only paying attention to him.

I remember thinking afterwards, What kind of a dumbass buys a teenager a Prius? What a waste of the public’s perfectly-embezzled tax dollars. Well, they’re all certainly saving money now that I’m taking the bus.

“You know what I mean.” Johnny gleamed. “I said I was sorry.”

I kissed him on the lips, disregarding his sad attempt at an apology. “I know you are.” He ran his hand down the small of my back and slapped my ass. I let out a small shriek as he grabbed me, forcefully lifting me up off the ground. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he dug his hands into my naked skin, and our lips became one again.

These were the moments with Johnny that I like remembering the most. Maybe it was all the dope, but they were moments where time had literally stopped, and our souls bled into one another. These were the moments that made me really think that in spite of our unyielding spiral into self-decimation that things were actually going to get better.

And boy was I horribly wrong. 

The End

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