Love at its FinestMature

My eyes broke from his gaze and scanned the dingy, smoke-stained walls over to the Revolver he had laid on the nightstand. His massive palm grabbed my face and snapped my attention back to him. I watched his fire grow brighter and he pressed his lips firmly against mine, digging his clammy tongue into the roof of my mouth. The force of the gesture caught me off guard and I gagged.

“Babe,” I coughed, “you play too rough.”

He laughed. “I thought you liked it rough.” He dove back in, this time trying to choke me, and I gagged even harder. Gasping for air, I shoved him off of me, mustering the will to not slap him as he cackled wildly.

“Fucking asshole.” I muttered, swinging my legs over the side of the bed, slowly getting up to go to the bathroom. He obviously wasn’t paying attention. I heard the click of the Lighter and the prolonged ignition of the Torch as Johnny hit the Pipe. There were few sounds that scared me as much as that did. Because I knew what it meant. Johnny was getting ready to do something stupid, and he needed a little boost from Tina to do it.

I could smell the stench of fuel even from the bathroom. I stared into the mirror above the porcelain sink, trying to ignore the footsteps coming closer. But my brief window of solace was abruptly closed shut as he swung the door open. I glared at his reflection and he grinned, his eyes bulging out of his head like the arteries in his neck. I pursed my lips together, my usual “what-the-hell-do-you-want-now?” look, and his Cheshire cat-smile extended even further. He didn’t really have to say anything. I knew he wanted to boost something- probably something stupid like more Swiss Rolls- maybe worse- and he was going to take me along for the ride. 

The End

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