“I’m lonely.” I heard a meek utterance from behind.

I had to brake at that. Really? That’s your big argument? I looked back at her and saw that our raccoon eyes were about the only things that made us look even remotely similar. “Are you serious?”

She nodded ever so innocently like Cindy-fucking-Lou-Hoo and inhaled deeply like she was about to plunge off the high board. Then she threw the plastic faux-umbrella toward Jason, who fumbled to catch it while desperately trying to keep his cigarette lit. She actually stepped out of her shoes and left them on the sidewalk to sprint over toward me barefoot. “Fuck my fucking hair! Fuck my fucking shoes!”

Jason scurried to gather her ruby slippers in a tizzy, the thin sheet of plastic barely keeping both his hair and cigarette dry. Heaven forbid that man should allow anyone’s designer-anything-s be ruined for the sake of emotive expression.


“Woah.” I thought I was going to die. Actually, I thought she was, because in this one singular flash, I had seen more life springing from her than I’d ever seen in our whole life together as siblings. Perhaps the past few years really had changed her, but I was pretty sure that this was one of the signs of an impending apocalypse.

She grabbed my ripped up shirt, begging for dear life and almost knocking me off of my feet. “I miss you. I miss Mom.” She buried her swollen, Picasso-face into my chest. “I miss Devon. Hell, I even miss Daddy at this point.” She began sobbing hysterically in spite of the eyeliner clogging her tear ducts.

Now this is what true shock felt like. The entire previous five hours of Law and Order had absolutely nothing on Natalie’s ground shaking display of emotional dissonance. Even Michigan’s body had to roll off the center stage for my sister.

The End

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