Washed AwayMature

I hadn’t expected it to be raining, but I felt the warm mist drip onto my skin as soon I stepped outside. It didn’t do anything to cool the fury burning in my brain. I tried to stuff it down in the pockets of my jeans along with my clammy hands, and began walking down the street.

About ten steps in, I heard her shriek through the downpour.  “Sammy! Wait a second!” My ears were deaf to the piercing squawk of the plaster-faced parrot. 

I flipped her the bird without even turning, squinting to see through the haze. Her Jimmy Chus clicked frantically against the pavement as she chased after me. “Sammy wait!”

I hastened my footsteps, trying my hardest not to turn around and explode all over both her and the sidewalk. “Go away Nattie.” I was infuriated. I realized I was being childish and that admission made me all the more angry. I continued my stride without any hesitation and could still hear Natalie’s thousand-dollar heels flapping through the shower towards me.

“I saw Mom.” The splashing ceased.

I stopped dead in my tracks.

I wished that I had stayed in that scary little room, handcuffed to my iron throne. I wished that I was wearing an orange jumpsuit, taking it from behind by a balding, middle-aged biker named Bobo as opposed to having heard those three little words. All of the frustration and resentment in my body disbanded at the resounding statement and was again replaced by the utter desire to vomit. I could almost hear her phrase echo endlessly through the sheet of silver rainfall that continued to pummel the miles in between us.

I looked up toward the shrouded heavens, straining to swallow my feelings. The downfall cascaded into my eyelids, causing what little mascara remained on my face to run off. I wanted to hate Natalie, but the urge to kill her had suddenly been washed away with the torrents of water as the kind and loving face of the mother I once knew painted itself across my psyche.

The End

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