“I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings Sammy.” There was such little sincerity in her words. “You’ve been through a lot these past few weeks. The first words out of my mouth shouldn’t be so… imprudent. It’s been almost three years.”

Imprudent? What is this, Passions?

I was unimpressed. “What are you even doing here?”

She scoffed, and her nonexistent eyebrow raised a hair further. “Is that all you have to say to the person who just bailed your bitch ass out of jail? How about a little gratitude? Maybe a little ‘thank you,’ or something?” She tossed her hair again. “Cheap as you, yourself, may be, your freedom is pretty damn expensive.”

We glared at one another in the same sort of visual standoff that my lawyer had just had with the detective. The temperature inside the building had raised significantly from the sheer hatred that was seeping out of my pores, and it probably would have gone up further had half of Natalie's body not been made of silicone. 

"Oh my God." Jason's exhausted voice permeated the stillness of the air. He lifted his tired hands to the heavens. “Don’t you just love reunions?”

I envisioned myself decking the bitch in the face, and as satisfying as the reverie was, I sucked it up and refrained with all my might from inciting violence and spilling blood within the walls of the Department. I looked up at Jason, tilting my head sardonically to the side. “Short ones.” I returned to Natalie with every ounce of sheer derision that I could produce. “Thanks for the help.” I took the plastic bag in my hand and shoved it into her. “Here’s your consolation prize.”

“What the hell Sammy?” She sounded somewhat shocked, as though she had just missed out on the previous ninety seconds of her life. I suppose a lifetime of Barbituate-use and Botox will eventually start to dim your senses a bit.

I nodded courteously to Jason then took a look back at Taz, who gave me one final and devilish grin from the front desk before I turned and stormed out the tinted glass door to the outside world.

The End

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