“Goddamn crack-whore!” I had finally broken him. Poor Wiley tried to slam the door, but failed due to the stop-hinges that prevented it from being slammed. After a brief delay, it delicately latched closed behind him as an added mockery to further bruise the old man’s ego. Even the very building was on my side, though it didn’t do a whole lot to ease my nerves. Still, the fact that there was some sort of holiness in my corner made things slightly less daunting.

But here I was, alone in this sickly cheerful room with nothing but the blackened mirror and the pigs gawking at me from behind it. I stuck my tongue out, flicking it back and forth like a snake, trying to instill a bit of my own fear in them.

I didn’t want them to see me for what really I was.

I watched as my unfamiliar reflection smiled a twisted and horrifying grin, revealing the demon inside that played me like a sock puppet. They thought they had me beaten.

Sorry to disappoint you boys, but you’ve met your match on this one. I wasn’t going down that easily. The only real adversary I had in here was the mirror.

And that stupid hair that wouldn’t lie flat.

The End

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