“Tell me where John Sadie is or give me the name of a person who might know his whereabouts and I’ll try and let you off easy.”

My blood began to boil. Easy? Is that what a decade in prison is: easy? I may have been a hooker and a drug-dealer but I most definitely was not a murderer. Wiley knew that. So did Taz for that matter. Besides, I really didn’t exactly know where Johnny was at the moment. And, currently, as far as I cared it was good riddance.

“Tell me Wiley,” the poison spewed out of my lips, “is Karen fucking your boss because you’re too busy trying to tap this ass?” It was a poor grasp at control over the situation, and yet somehow it seemed to be working. Wiley’s fist slammed down on the fold-out table in front of me, causing it to clack against the floor of the Care-Bear castle. “Aw, c’mon sugar. You’ve already got me in handcuffs.”

I’d rather go to prison than talk about what Johnny did… even if he really did wind up killing somebody which, in all honesty, wasn’t a thing too hard to imagine. Even so, I had nothing to do with it.

Wiley was getting sick of my bullshitting, but I couldn’t help myself. He was making this way too easy for me. He sprung up from the metal chair and stormed out the ugly turquoise door.

The End

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