How did Johnny get into my room?  Never mind. I had already answered my own question. There was a fire escape that led right up to the bathroom window. I used to leave it cracked sometimes after I’d go out for a smoke.

Okay, so how did this bitch get in without Johnny carrying her up the fire escape? Obviously he must have been close with her because if she hadn’t gone in of her own free will, somebody would have noticed a screaming or even an unconscious woman being dragged in through the window. I had neighbors.

“This can’t be…”

Taz’s face actually looked genuinely concerned. For what, I’m not exactly sure. I was already in custody, thanks to him. Maybe it was because underneath it all, he knew what this was really doing to me.

Because he knew what Johnny had already done to me- what he was still doing to me. And now I had to sit here and bear witness to another one of his victims.

Maybe you do care. My pupils made their way back down to the morbid mosaic. It was a damn shame this poor girl didn’t have the luxury of taking another breath. But even still, I almost envied her. At least she had the nicety of not having to relive it with every breath taken.

The End

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