To the WolvesMature

“Go fuck yourself.” Damn, that was weak. I’m sure the utter disappointment in my choice of words was showing clearly through my scowl. It was harder than I had even imagined just looking at him.

“Aw,” there he was, “not having as much fun as you were expecting?” I knew the Taz I had grown to care about was in there somewhere. He remained calm, but underneath the Armani and blue-steel tie there was a scrubby, spineless, attention-whoring street-urchin who was as equally sad and pathetic as I was. The only difference was that I didn’t have every spiteful intention of wiping the pavement with his face.

“In all honesty, I was half-expecting you to show up in that purple G-string you always liked. You know? The one that shows off the dragon tattoo on your-”

“Alright, alright.”

That hit below the belt. Literally. Okay, maybe I was a little spiteful. But I had every right to be. Taz was a dick, and if he was going to throw me to the wolves then I might as well take his scum-sucking ass with me. I’m sure his superiors would rethink that raise if they knew how many times we’d hung out with Tina, or how many times we’d… But I’d save all that for a more appropriate time when he decided to say something really out of line.

I nodded to the folder he had laid out on the table. “Whatcha’ got there?” I goaded him. “Pictures of fond memories?”

Benjamin wasn’t playing around anymore. It was a look in his eyes that I had only seen a handful of times in the past few months that we’d been “together.” Taz was already done with foreplay. Too bad. I had so much more in store for him. 

The End

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