There were a few many things I had wanted to say to Benjamin Tassimo, but none of them included “Hello” or “It’s nice to see you again.” And yet, those were the very two things that came out of his mouth as he entered the room. He looked different. I had never seen him wear a suit and, in fact, until quite recently I was sort of under the impression that he didn’t possess enough class to even own one.

I guess you don’t really need class to own designer labels. Now I had living proof of that. But he was much more refined in his new threads- a bonus I’m sure he received after taking me in. Taz- no, Benjamin- wasn’t exactly the modest type, and I knew that he had probably asked personally to interrogate me himself. It was in his character to gloat. I may not have known everything about him up front, but that fact was certain. He was a lot like Johnny in that sense, but in all honesty I think he probably took even more satisfaction out of it.

I glared at him through a mask of running mascara. They had shut the air-conditioning off- I’m sure to make my stay a little less comfortable. Even I start to sweat after four hours of blistering heat which, I’m sure, Benjamin found some sort of twisted hilarity in. He sat down across from me in the chair his partner had occupied but forty minutes prior and set a large blue folder out on top of the table.

There was that smug look, just itching to shine through his smile. I could see his innards waiting to seep out and rub just how sad and pathetic he thought I was right in my face. But it didn’t matter. He was going to have even less luck with me than Wiley. At least there were things about Benjamin that I could really use against him. Things I’m sure his bosses would just love to know.

The End

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