It was so dark on the dance floor that night that I almost didn’t see the wicked glint in his eyes- the malice lying in wait behind the façade of chivalry and inexplicable ignorance. But I did, and that is the sad truth. I recognized the evil in him from the very beginning.

I saw the part of him that wanted to hurt me.

I think that’s the part of him that I was initially drawn to. My demons were pulled in to his like a magnet of sin. Such is the polarity of lies. I was never honest with him either. If I had been, then maybe he would have acted differently. Maybe, if I’d told him how he really made me feel he wouldn’t have turned me in without a moment’s hesitation. But instead, I became a pawn to not only his game, but to my own, and fell victim to an untamable web of deceit. I had become the fly trapped behind the plastic light cover, whose very life had ended in that instant.

I just didn’t know it then.

The End

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