The Passenger: Chapter Five (Revise)Mature

My dear friend Taz was amazing at a lot of things, though I suppose lying was at the very top of the list. He was by far the best kisser I had ever met- even better than Johnny- and I loved the way his tongue rolled like a sweet wave in my mouth. It was like surfing with my tonsils. He had even taken me surfing once few weeks before his DEA buddies picked me up from the hospital. The salty-sweet tastes of the sea and of orange Creamsicle still sits on my tongue as a souvenir of my previous naivety. Of all the things I had learned over the years, it was from Taz that I was most educated on the untrustworthiness of men. At least Johnny's insanity was obvious.

It’s still amazing to me how someone who appeared to be so harmless and dense could really be such a conniving bitch just below the surface. Then again, I’ve had some experience with back-stabbing and sabotage myself. I had been upstaged, and it was disparagingly impressive.

The End

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